Some items are not displaying


I’ve been using Brave on a Macbook Air (m1 chip) from when the new Mac came out.
Yesterday, suddenly, some things have changed.

For example: names on the top of some tabs are not being displayed.
There are black areas in the browser where there shouldnt be (on some sites, images are blacked out)
Extensions, Settings and other buttons on the right of the Tabs are not displaying at all, although if I click on the “empty” menu, I do get the menu to roll out (extension to fire).

I’ve tried rebooting my mac, resetting the settings on my Brave Browser as well as reinstalling it fully (Using the Mac 1 Chip download link).

Sample images:

No extensions (Except for Metamask) and Settings/Extensions buttons not displaying

Black area around the URL:

On twitter, for example, when viewing Direct Messages, MY messages are not displayed at all, although I can see the messages the other person has sent to me.

Thank you for your help

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