Some issues like corrupting profile and losing funds in wallet


I am using the Brave browser on all my devices, however I noticed a few things:

1- the wallet is not synchronized, even if we use the synchronization feature, funds are not synchronized between devices, it would be something to think about for the next updates

2- now this is the biggest puzzle I found in a software problem so far, I synchronize two instances of the desktop version of the browser, one on my work machine and the second on my personal machine at home, now on my machine of work, I am the IT administrator at the company, where we implemented Shadow Defender for equipment security, I added the user folder and the folders in program files in versions x86 and x64, and we used the version of Windows 10 x64 , since the two machines are in sync and the freezing software is configured to treat Brave as an exception, why does it corrupt my profile, since on my personal computer I am using it normally without this problem?

Every day I need to run the installer for the Brave installation to be repaired and I lose my wallet funds on this machine and I’ve stopped receiving ads.

I reiterate that the freezing software already has the exceptions configured for the software program file folders and the user profile in appdata \ local.

can you help please?

Thanks in advance.

Hey @Rinarikato ! Welcome to the community :smiley:

  1. The synchronization feature in brave does not sync your wallet over with other devices; you can only connect other Brave wallets to your uphold account.

  2. This sounds like Shadow Defender is doing something that is messing with Brave on your work pc.

Just to clarify, your personal PC and work PC do not share BAT, they are separate instances and accounts that you have to manually connect to the same uphold if you want access to both.

At any point, have you uninstalled Brave on your work pc? BAT you have accumulated will be lost if that is the case.

Hope this helped.


yes, I removed Brave from my work PC, but as for the fact that I have lost the BAT accumulated so far it is not the problem, even because I already found the wallet keys in the local state file in C:\Users\user\AppData\Local\BraveSoftware\Brave-Browser\User Data

it is not the BAT that I worry about, even from the tests I was doing, I was aware that I would lose and as I started using it recently at work, there were few.

As for Shadow Defender, it is configured to not freeze any browser-related folders and that is exactly what is puzzling me, if it does not freeze browser folders, how is it corrupting my profile only on the work PC? since they are synchronized between the home PC, my Android device and the work PC, only on the last one I am having problems.
The work PC is running with Win 10 x64, I believe it is the only difference, the home PC is with Win 7 x64 and my Android is in version 8.

I even recreated the profile and synchronized again the other times that this error occurred, however when restarting the machine the problem continues, I install the browser again and it can read the data from the previous profile, however the local state file is recreated, even restoring the previous file it is unable to keep the sync, however the problem of the ads is solved and I am able to preserve the data of the BAT previously won.

However I am looking for a solution to not have to do this process on a daily basis.


Just to add the information, at home the data was imported from Google Chrome including the extensions, however the problem does not happen on the home PC.

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