Some financial charts are cut off not showing full chart

Viewing financial charts on some websites most of the chart shows but on some charts the horizontal value bar connected to the chart is cut off some of the charts I’ve viewed are OK and some are not.

For instance looking at a stock chart the candlestick graphic is good but the dollar value in the side only shows one digit. The value may be 82.12 but all that shows is the 8 the rest of the 2.12 is cutoff and only on some charts. I tried to change the settings on the chart itself with no solutions and I do not have the problem with Chrome or FireFox.


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At first glance, this is likely an issue with Device Recognition – visit one of the sites in which the chart does not appear as intended and Device Recognition to Allow all in the Shields panel.

Let me know if this resolves your issue.

Where is device recognition? Not sure what you are referring to, sorry.

You’ll find this setting in the Shields panel in your address bar:

Turning off the shields toggle worked. Thank you very much for your response. Everything else is working well so far and speed is good.

Jerry G

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