Some common solutions for late/incomplete payouts

Now thats a new… Kindly list the minimum withdraw amount somewhere. If it wasn’t for u i would still be wondering what happened here…

Anyone whose account has been under review then have they been paid?

You got your bat or not bro?

not yet bro :disappointed_relieved:

Seriously bro? Because I got same problem with you

for 2 last month

i think we will never have them

Maybe :rofl::rofl::rofl::rofl::rofl::rofl::rofl::rofl:
But I still hope I get my bat

It seems to me, too, for 4 months now the payment has been carried over, to the next.

me 6 months ago :sleepy:

@igider @Acenight @p0gran

Did you all FULLY complete Uphold KYC before the 1st of September?

Are your Creators and Uphold accounts still properly linked? (Look for the green dot icon on the Rewards dashboard next to your Uphold connection). Also ensure your balances are over 5 BAT.

Lastly, we do not recommend self-tipping, if that’s what you did – this can cause issues with payout.

my account uphold is fully verified KYC since 6 months ago
my uphold account is propley linked and connected
my balance are over 134 bat since 6 months
this is your answer in july

@Asad I’m fed up with waiting please help me or deactivate my account At least this way, I’ll be quiet

@igider was this self-tipping? This can cause problems with payout and we do not recommend anyone does it. If you want to get BAT out of your wallet, then use Brave Nightly and you can withdraw your BAT browser wallet balance to your Uphold account.

thank you for the answer Mr @Asad

Of course my account verified and Linked
I got payment on Juni and july

i got bat from referral program and claim bonus

its breaking the rule if I tip my self?


At the moment self-tipping is not encouraged. It’s something you can be suspended for and these transactions often fail/cause errors. The purpose of the Rewards system is to donate to content creators, not yourself. If you want to withdraw your BAT, please use Brave Beta or Dev and use the wallet withdrawal feature. :slight_smile:

So I still withdraw bat from referal progam right?

Brave Beta ia available for android?

Are your Creators and Uphold accounts still properly linked?

  • Yes
    Look for the green dot icon on the Rewards dashboard next to your Uphold connectionScreenshot_1 Screenshot_2

hello good night is 3 months I’m using brave until today does not receive anything I have everything registered

want some answer to that? urgent

@Asad still I haven’t got my reward in the wallet. I have 57. 62 BAT reward but 0 in my wallet. Also my uphold account is kyc verified. Please help. Thanks

@Asad where are you bro?