Some common solutions for late/incomplete payouts

same here waiting patience is a virtue

i need uphold connected to brave creator after i will waiting 1 months?

Hello dear! I didn’t get the publisher’s payment for October, how can that be? For September I received and for October there is no. What happened to my account?

Thanks for your reply to provide information regarding this but i have done all steps to verify my uphold account and it’s confirm my uphold account all fully activate by doing all process to verify my account .but when I open it to recieve my tokken there are no tokken available in fund or also not available on my you tube chhanel account which is linked by my both accounts .tokken which is I transfer from brave wallet to uphold account by using option of tip and send all tokken one by one then it transfer and show pending payout on my publisher creater account page then i have tab on my uphold account to receive this tokken and then transfer in my personal tokken account by using its wallet adress but it’s not done .i have transfer 23 bat tokken but there are only 17 bat tokken are available i dont know where my this tokken missplace because i have not transfer this tokken and never be done any process then why this happen when it’s happen regularly then i have not any tokken are available on payout time then what profit i get to use your service .please take a look on this and provide me answer where are these tokken gone and how it happen because when this issue is regular happen then i will not received any thing .if you want any further information regarding me and my account please tell me I will provide you definitely .
I hape you take a look on it and investigate on this issue where this tokken are gone and what are the reason then it’s happen and provide me instructions on this which is I follow next time and it’s never be done again in future .
Harsh Vashist .
I’d on my community =Ha_995324.
Account username = Harsh Vashist .
Reg mail=
Phone number= +917827850856.
Operation = i have use in my anroid device.

My funds are flagged for no reason.
I have some BAT in my account that I want to use.
However, the account, "These funds were marked due to irregular activity.
I’ve been using for months, no trouble .
it was the first time.
please help me……

I am verified member on both since July but I got only my first month’s payment but now all of my rewards in brave rewards please help me to get paid or find solution

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My Account will only paid 4.75 despite that I earned BAT from referral for 10.05BAT. Why is this. I am expecting for full amount payment. I saw this in my brave creator page.

Please check this screen:

Hello, my referrals entered the 1 group, but paid for them as for the 4 group. 482 BAT = 88$ (43 referrals * 2$), but with should exits 41*7.5 + 5$ = 312$
What to do?

Hey @acher103, thanks for letting us know about this. @cory do you know if there may be an error in the calculations here?

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I don’t believe there’s any errors in calculation, but something definitely is up. @acher103 can you please send me your email address so I can look up information related to it?

Hello, have you found a solution to my problem?

@cory Did you find information on my accounts?

It’s clearly shows an error calculation. Bad system.

@Asad @cory Hello, have you found a solution to my problem? Already 5 days no information

Hello, is there any news about my problem?
@Asad @cory

Hi @acher103 – this bug has been identified and a fix is on the way.

Please see the official announcement thread here for more instructions: An update on recent Brave Rewards issues and next steps

Thank you, will I get the rest of the payment for incorrect calculation of referrals? I really hope so, the payout should be about$200

Yes, everything will total up just fine – let the payout system do its work :slight_smile:

Why did I only receive 13 BAT on my payment? how can i withdraw the rest?

since two months i dont receive and rewards. i am fully verified.

Thank you and best regards,