Some basics I'd love to see covered!

There are some things I’ve noticed that are prevalent to other browsers that I’d love to see in Brave:

  • Open link in new tab with middle mouse button (scroll wheel)
  • Proper browser sync with history and tabs across devices
  • When ads are blocked (i.e reddit) the ad itself is blocked but not the element or frame, so you end up with a blank box instead of removing it entirely. Purely comparing this to UBlock Origin.

Middle mouse should open a new tab. That’s the basic behavior.

Better Sync is on the way – we’re well aware of the issues here, unfortunately!

We’re always refining our adblock capabilities. Which site(s) did you see this happen on? If you let us know I can file a web compatibility request and we can get it working :slight_smile:

Thanks for the reply Asad! Funnily enough, middle mouse button is working now - strange!

Good to hear about better sync - I’d love to see Brave as one of the top browsers in the near future!

As for adblock - as I mentioned I noticed it on reddit on the right hand panel on any community an ad might display. There ends up just being a box saying “Advertisement” up the top however the ad is blocked so it’s just a blank box.