Some basic features I think Brave should have


-Block ads on Reddit (the sponsored thread at the top), Qwant ads, 4chan ads, DuckDuckGo ads, new Google ads, Twitter ads (promoted tweets).

-Right clicking on Brave taskbar icon (Windows 10) should have list of options such as (Open Private Window, a list of recently closed pages, or other useful shortcuts you can think of).
-Back history for a closed tab should be retained (so when you re-open a recently closed tab, you can still go back through its history).
-Ability to clear browsing data by time and date (past hour, past week, past month, etc.)
-URL bar should be active and ready to type into when “A New Tab Shows Homepage” or “A New Tab Shows Default Search Engine” are used (it already functions properly with the Dashboard and Blank Page options).
-Open Private Window option, which makes all subsequent tabs private automatically.

-Animation for opening a downloaded item through the download bar.
-Animations for moving tabs around, attaching/detaching tabs, etc.
-Animations for downloads being added to the download bar.

-Ability to drag a URL into the tab bar to open it (including both links and mere highlighted text).

(Also +1 to language translation and mute option always available on every tab, as suggested by others. Thanks.)


Hi, I can provide some link in GitHub for some issue.

The issue can be tracked here

There’s an open issue related to this:

This one is

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