Some authentication methods fail with shields up, but it only flashes momentarily and there's no chance to select shields down

So, I have run into this issue several times now. There are some sites that use authentication methods (e.g. apparently when it redirects to my company SSO authentication for one) that I have trouble logging into because apparently between the time I enter my password to authenticate and the actual authentication happens, a third-party site on which shields are up is contacted, and the result it is that authentication fails.

I suspect this because of the following sequence of events:

  1. Authentication failed, so I lowered shields on the login page
  2. I enter my username/password on the page and click “continue”
  3. I watch the “shield status” icon to the right of of the URL at the top of the browser window:
    1. It starts out gray (I lowered shields manually for the site)
    2. I see it “flash” orange, indicating that another site was visited, but it flashes so quickly that it is nearly impossible to click on the icon at that instant to access the option to lower shields for that site (or even determine which site it was)
    3. The authentication fails.

I have managed (after many, many, MANY attempts) to click on the icon at just the right moment to be able to lower the shields for that site. Unfortunately, I did not catch which site it was. I was just so happy to have clicked at the right moment that I forgot to look. Also, I was not even sure that it would work, but I was able to lower the shields and it did! Yay me. :roll_eyes:

So, to get to the point, it sure would be nice if Brave provided a special “recent history” of sites visited so that I could:

  1. See which site were touched during the authentication process (maybe with a timestamp/duration in milliseconds?)
  2. MORE IMPORTANTLY: Have the ability to choose the offending site to alter the settings (i.e. lower the shields) I know that you can look at the history page, but there are essentially no options there (why not?!?)

We’re working to get atlassian to work correctly. Fix incoming on Nightly.

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