Some AppData Deleted

I was clearing some space for my PC and the current estimated earnings for my ad clicks was deleted at some point. I cannot find this file, is that saved to a certain file in my appdata because if I can find the name I should be able to restore the value.

Hi @adamhuffman,

Sorry for your troubles here! What OS and Brave version are you running? I can help to troubleshoot.


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I am using Version 0.64.39 Chromium:#######(Official Build) dev (64-bit)
not sure if the #'s were information I should give out or not and I am on Windows 10.

These two things may not actually be related – we currently have other users reporting that their Ad earnings show ‘0’ when they previously had a positive value. We’re looking into this issue right now.


Is there a file in which I can see how many ads I’ve clicked so I can keep track without opening Brave?

I believe so, but I’ll have to ask around and confirm.
That said, are you still receiving ads in the browser or have those stopped appearing?

I am still receiving the ads, it just reset. Let me know if you find the file so I can take a look. Thanks for the help!

Did you or anyone ever find the file that holds the value of the BAT, most likely in AppData id assume.

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