Some ads at chefkoch,de aren't being blocked


On the Website some ads aren’t getting blocked, which is a shame, because the Page is full of ads

Especially on two big ads are still getting showed.

Steps to Reproduce (add as many as necessary):

  1. Just go to
  2. See the Ads
  3. Please block them too

Actual Result (gifs and screenshots are welcome!):

Ads are circled in red, one of them is even labeled as “Ad”

Expected result:
An ad free page

Reproduces how often:

Brave Version(about:brave):
Reproducible on current live release (yes/no):
Additional Information:
It would be really cool, if you could help me and block these ads. Thanks a lot beforehand!


@Achu009, thanks for reporting this.
I’m also seeing the ads displayed although I’m not entirely sure why. I’m going to reach out to the team to see if they have any additional input.

In the meantime, a couple things to consider -
We’re depreciating the Muon version of Brave as we transition over to our newer Brave Build. I would highly recommend you move over to the newer build as it addresses many known issues with Muon.

Once you’re switched over, check this post here to see how you can still block ads on websites even if they’re not caught by Brave’s Shields:


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