Solving the problem with garbage in cookies

Almost every site tends to add cookies. To solve this problem, I cleared the browser and went to the sites I needed, looked at the list of sites in cookies and gave them permission to always have access to cookies. Then I turned on the setting that blocked all cookies.

But there’s a problems.

  1. I can’t give a site permission to always have access to cookies, but still AUTOclear cookies after the site closes.
    The browser allows you to add a site to only one list.

  2. Missing exclusion list for “clear cookies and site data when all windows are closed” feature.
    Then I could not block all cookies, because some sites do not work without them!

  3. A function that would clear the site’s cookie after closing the tab with it.
    At the moment, there are functions that clear cookies only after closing all tabs or after closing a tab, but only if it is in a special list.