[SOLVED]Third-party video ad (with audio) starts playing when I scroll down



When I scrolled down (see URL above), a video ad (with audio) played to completion and there was no way to pause it!

I was shocked to see this happen on Brave. It did not happen when I downloaded the same page on Chrome (with Adblock Plus) or on Safari (with Adblock).

Auto-play videos embedded in text articles (whether third party or first party; with or without audio) are the sole reason I began using ad blockers. (The last straw was a video ad that followed me down a page on the New York Times website, where I’m a paid subscriber, and would resume playing even after I hit pause!)

The above URL belongs PostMedia, a Toronto-based newspaper company, which is a particularly egregious offender (for videos that start playing automatically when you scroll down).

If Brave cannot block videos (embedded in text articles) that play automatically (and since installing third-party ad blockers on Brave would defeat the purpose of Brave) then I might as well not use Brave at all. Please try to fix this.

Thanks in advance.


There is an option to Always Ask under settings for streaming media. This is set to Always allow by default. You can change the setting under security. Please toggle the switch and check once if you still see the media playing.

cc: @luke.mulks


Hi Sriram. The change you suggested worked on that publisher’s websites (and some others), but now I’m getting a video playing automatically on the right-hand side of this page (over the caption that says: “Apple announces iOS11with over 10 new features”):


Hi @LinuxLoon I do not see any video on the link you have shared.


No, that video is no longer on that page. And I can’t find any others at the moment. What a blessing!
If others slip through, I will post the links. But for now I’m in heaven! Thanks very much for the tip.


Thanks for the confirmation. I will close this thread as solved. Please feel free to open another thread if required.

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