(SOLVED) Shortcuts for new session tabs


It would be awesome to have keyboard shortcuts to open new tabs in a specified session.
For example, [ctrl]+[shift]+[4] to open a new tab in session 4.


Hi @agur,

I like this one too! And I created a github issue for this suggestion:

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i like the idea as well

but i would go a step further and have other shortcuts added example Control-p for print etc etc etc

and then most importantly unlike other browsers
add a tab or link to show a list of ALL Shortcuts and what they are (incase we forget and even for new brave users)


Hi @myale,

Based on this thread, at this time the list is available at https://gist.github.com/jonathansampson/08a4ddbf439c6123d17cd4b2365db15c

Hope this help.
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Thanks that helps, HOWEVER

if you dont have a printer to print out the shortcuts, its still a pain in the butt to find on the net

while the easy thing to do would be to create a shortcut on the browser and specific browser shortcuts,


I believe they are working on it too, to make easier access to the list. :slight_smile:

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