(Solved) Save My Preferences after clearing history


I have Brave clear the history when I log off. But I have google.com as my home pages so I`m constantly asked for access to location and for other sites too

Can you create a site “Answer List” so you auto refuse geolocation to google or flash is answered yes to another site while still allowing me to have my history wiped upon logoff.



Hi @jcsspain,

Did you mean you enabled this settings in about:preferences#security that will clear certain of data when you quitting Brave? Please make sure it’s disabled for Saved site settings and permissions.

Hope this can help answer your question.
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Thanks that did what I needed



Thank you for confirming. Good to know thats work for you. :slight_smile:
I’m going to close this thread since it’s solved. If you have another question or face some bugs, please open a new one for each.

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