(SOLVED) Problem when Install in MacOS Mojave

After install Brave Browser Dev in my two Mac w/ MacOS Mojave (MacBookAir & MacBook), the app crashed…

cc @LaurenWags @sriram on this.

Does it crash when you open it? (preventing you from using it?) or Did it just crash after install but works fine?

It crash when I open it.

I don’t have Mojave but I’m not seeing this on my mac, I installed Dev many times yesterday without issue.

@Mattches or @kamil have either of you encountered this?

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I have not encountered this, no. I use macOS Mojave (almost) daily and haven’t seen a crash like this.

@vikingkarwur, would you mind trying to install the stable release or the beta release?
I’m wondering if it’s specific to Dev.

I reinstalled the Dev, and I capture the screen (video)

@Mattches got crash also in beta release! Works fine on Stable!

Appreciate you testing this out and providing all this information up front!
Going to reach out to our devs and see if they know what may be happening. Is this your first time attempting to install Brave on this machine (any build)?

Very strange… I try to install Dev to my old MacBook Pro running macOS High Sierra is running well!

But in my two Macs (MacBook Air & MacBook 12") with macOS Mojave => Crash!

@Mattches Prior to this, I always tested in all version (Stable, Beta & Dev all together) and its running well.


  • Found solution : I create new mac login profile, and all running well (Stable, Beta & Dev) in macOS Mojave! (SOLVED!) Thanks @Mattches @LaurenWags and @eljuno

Great news!
Just to confirm and make sure I’m on the same page - to solve this, you created a new system profile on your macOS machine - as opposed to creating a new Brave profile, correct?

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Yes that’s correct…

If you’d like to try installing Brave on your original profile again, I recommend uninstalling and wiping all Brave data fromn that profile. Install files, browsing data, and any other associated directories. This way we can ensure that you are working with a blank slate (with respect to Brave).
Additionally, even though they’re essentially the same package contents, you can also try downloading from our GitHub directly (note that you’ll want to grab any release channel with the green Live Version tag):

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Hi @vikingkarwur,

I know this has been already resolved but I was wondering if you wouldn’t mind answering some quick questions:

  • Was this a new computer that you were using? Meaning, was it the first time Brave was installed?
  • If it wasn’t a new machine, did you have old profiles that could have been created a long time ago that the new installations might have been using?
  • If you go back to the same OS profile, can you still reproduce the issue? If there’s Brave profiles, what happens when you delete them and try installing again?

Just trying to figure out what might be causing the issue as creating a brand new OS profile seems like an extreme workaround that users shouldn’t need to go through.

Unfortunately I’ve never reproduced the above on my Mojave installation and have been installing various versions on the same machine on a daily basis.

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Hi @kamil — I was installed Brave Browser (Dev & Beta) in my two computers : a new computer and the old one.

I just downloaded the dev build and having the same issue, it crashes on startup.

I have a new mac mini running mojave, brave stable version installed earlier which works fine.

I have the same issue on a macbookair 2015 (mojave 10.14.3) had to create a new user, to start brave dev and beta. couldnt start it with existing user profiles (which is quiet annoying and doesnt really motivate mac users to try out beta or work with dev). At least stable version works fine.

If anybody has another solution to this than creating a new user profile, your help would be much appreciated.

I had same problem with Brave Beta on Mojave. I was able to fix it by:

  1. backing up my wallet restore seeds from the Brave released version i had installed
  2. deleting all files under Users⁩ ▸ your_username ▸ ⁨Library⁩ ▸ ⁨Application Support⁩ ▸ BraveSoftware
  3. restarting both versions of Brave
  4. restoring the wallets using the restore seeds

presto changeo, brave launches without requiring extra user profile creation.
hope that helped.

Had the same problem today! The solution from @dogracer helped! Thanks!

I had to delete ⁨Application Support⁩ ▸ BraveSoftware.