(Solved) Persistent bookmarks in folders when right-clicking


OS: Microsoft Windows 10 Home, x64
Version: Brave 0.18.20, rev 60bb9e6

I’ve noticed a small issue in Brave. I have some bookmarks in folders on the bookmarks bar. When I right click on these bookmarks (either to edit or open in a new tab) the bookmark folder closes. The first time it happened I wasn’t sure whether the context menu related to the bookmark or a button on the page under the bookmark drop menu.

The context menu does relate to the bookmark but it would be nice if the folder could persist until the option in the context menu is selected or I click away.

I’ve included screenshots of what i’m talking about.

  1. selecting folder

  2. on hover

03.on right-click

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Much like my other QA topic I did not check github for this issue. I’m not a developer nor registered on the site as most of it is way over my level of understanding. However, after a brief search I did find this issue highlighted there already.


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Thanks for reporting @himself,

I added your comment to the GH issue as +1. And you can track the progress there.

Closing this thread since the issue is tracked on GitHub.

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