[Solved] Opening HTML file in Brave



I tried a quick search on here but didn’f find anything.

I came across what maybe a bug or Im just missing something.

When I try to open a HTML file in brave it doesn’t act like Firefox, Chrome or Safari, which is open the file as an HTML web page. However, when I open the file in Brave it does a Google search. Im running Brave as my default browser on a Macbook Pro with macOS Sierra 10.12.1.

Has anyone came across this?

Thanks, for any help in the right direction.


I just tried this on my Macbook Pro (also Sierra) and it opened properly for me. I wonder if this is something that’s fixed in a newer version of Brave? @madyss what verion of Brave are you running?


Hey @jkup thanks for the reply. Im using Brave 0.12.15. Just tried opening it up from finder and it still doing a google search instead of showing the HTML web file.


There is a new update to brave avaliable so is the issue still present or should the thread be closed?


Yes, It is working for me now in 0.13.0


Great, now we only need someone with the permissions to close a thread :blush:

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