(Solved) Need to Disable Brave Keyboard Shortcuts (Critical Feature)



Hi. I greatly appreciate the importance of the Brave project, and wish you all the best.

I am ready to drop other browsers, but am blocked by Brave’s heavy use of keyboard shortcuts. They overlap my own global shortcuts, and apparently can’t be disabled or configured.

So, please, before taking time to design a shortcut manager, just add a single preference switch to disable ALL Brave shortcuts at once (except maybe F5). It should be easier and quick.

With Google being in the news, I suspect you will see a surge of new users. Don’t let shortcuts stand in their way.

Thank you.


Here’s why this request is important to me. For multilingual text entry (e.g., into a web form), it’s handy in Windows to switch input methods (IMEs) with a key sequence chosen from the list supported by Microsoft (mostly ctrl-digit, ctrl-shift-digit, leftAlt-shift-digit). (In Windows 10 see: Control Panel / Clock, Language, and Region / Advanced Settings / Switching input methods / Change language bar hot keys). Brave now assigns many of ctrl-digit. This means ctrl-digit for IME selection is unavailable for most digit, while the Brave app has focus, or when text is typed into Brave.

Key combinations an individual chooses for IME selection can become a matter of habit, like typing itself. Brave risks creating an unnecessary barrier to acceptance, especially in non-English-mostly markets where IME switching is more common.


Hi, would this work for you? :slightly_smiling_face:


Thanks, Bradley. That feature would solve the problem.


No problem, I will say thank you to him then :wink:

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