(Solved) Minimizing the Brave browser window leaves the minimize tooltop balloon up



Like the title says, when you quickly hit the minimize button, it minimizes the window but leaves the minimize tooltip balloon. This is on Windows 10. This happens to both my work and my personal PC. Wondering if anyone else is having this issue.

When you leave your mouse over the minimize button and wait for the toolip balloon to come up, then click on minimize, it works and nothing stays on the screen. If you just quickly hit the minimize button, the tooltip balloon pops up up high on the screen and stays there.

Anyone else have this issue?

Edit: I have this on my Linux machine as well and its working flawlessly. Really really love this browser!

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Good catch, can confirm that it is the same for me :smile:


I created a issue for it :blush:


Thanks for that. Hopefully it gets resolved soon. It’s kind of annoying. :slight_smile:


No problem, I think the same about it :slight_smile:


I can confirm this too, but it took me multiple attempts to reproduce. The timing has to be such that you click minimize just as the tooltip was going to pop up.

Win10 64bit here. Brave 0.15.1.


For me it is clicking it just that you dont wait for it to pop up


I updated the information in the issue to say that it nneds to be clicked before the tooltip apears


rather than creating another topic can I just create another issue relating to minimize that occurs which is that when you have multiple videos which are paused or not open as you haven’t clicked on the tab yet, minimizing or waking it up from sleep immediately plays all the videos. I suppose you could also link it with this which is similar but different https://community.brave.com/t/mute-and-pause-on-other-tabs/2261/2?u=numpty


I can reproduce it, do you want me to make an issue for it?


Sure. I figured it would have been understood when read and thus fixed.


Will do, do you mean hiding the window and not minimizing? Because that was how I could reproduce :wink:


I don’t understand what you mean now. I figured my statement would have been enough but if you right click several videos in youtube or any other video site but don’t click on the tabs, the videos would pause or the videos won’t fully load until the tab is clicked so minimize the browser and then maximize it should end up playing all the videos in all the tabs.
There’s also another little issue which can be created @Jacalz along side this which is that the right-click box which appears, appears more than once after having clicked your preference, have you noticed that?
So if if right-click, the box would appear, say if your preference is ‘open link in new tab’, the tab would normally open but not directing to that page of course but this time round after selecting it the tab doesn’t appear, and the preference box appears again and you select ‘open link in new tab’ again which it eventually does but opens duplicate tabs, which is probably from the first click.


Oh was just stupid sorry


Don’t apologise. @Jacalz Did you happen to read the bit about duplicate tabs opening.


Here is the issue btw:
I read it but could not reproduce :sweat_smile:


Also what os are you on?


Win10 but likely to switch to Linux Mint once it gets slightly better because I don’t know how the update process will work in Mint. I imagine it would just show up on the manager update applet.


This happens to me. Using Win10 on two computers and both of them do this. It’s so infuriating I had to come here and make an account.


I’ve been experiencing this issue frequently as well. Thanks so much for posting about it, gang! Glad to know I’m not alone. :slight_smile: