(Solved) Linux Mint 17.2, Brave Version 0.16.6 & 0.16.9 and main menu doesn't work



I use Linux Mint 17.2, just upgraded to the recently released Brave Version 0.16.6 from 0.15.314. I relaunched the browser but noticed that the main menu will not work or drop down when I click on any of the menu items (File Edit View History Bookmarks Shields Window Help). I hover the mouse pointer over these menu items, and click, but nothing happens. It appears the Brave main menu is broken in version 0.16.6. I had to downgrade back to version 0.15.314 in order for the main menu to work again.

Anyone else encounter this issue?


I am also having this issue. Running cinnamon on top of Arch and the menus don’t work at all. They were fine in 0.15.314. In addition the hide menu on start doesn’t work, and they removed the full width url bar…


I can’t be of any help, but I’d like to vote that this needs looking at. The update installed from the ubuntu repository on aws.


Just tested the latest release Version 0.16.9 and the main menu bug is still there, as described above.


Slackware 64 v14.2 with Compiz
Brave v.0.16.9 user here. Same problem.

Clicking on the menu bar has no effect.

Must be a Linux thing.


I am also having this issue. Menu bar is not working


Hi @lonegunmen @quest @empesh @churchoftheair,

I’m sorry for late reply. There’s an open issue related to this bug. You can see the progress here:

And I’m sorry for the incovenience. But they are working to fix it. And I also add your comment to GitHub issue too.

Thank you,


Hi there folks!

Apologies for this bug- Chromium updated menus to be async by default which caused this issue on Gnome (our code wasn’t handling this situation; Windows uses a custom menu and macOS uses system menu).

I found the root cause and have put together a fix. We’ll try to release a hotfix ASAP- thanks for hanging in there :slight_smile:



Thank you for keeping us updated!

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