[Solved]Links in external programs don't open in Brave


Running Arch Linux (fully updated).

I’ve been running Brave for months now. I changed it to my default browser about a month ago. Everything has been working perfectly until roughly a few updates ago (possibly 13.0).

Now, if I click a link in an email (Thunderbird in my case), Brave becomes the foreground app, but nothing renders and no new tab is opened. Whatever was in Brave before remains in Brave, undisturbed, so it didn’t try to open the link.

If I copy/paste the link, Brave renders it correctly.

This happens 100% of the time.

Back in the old days (roughly version .9), I had issues which were completely resolved by deleting my local profile. I don’t want to try that now, because I’m 6 days away from my Brave Payments being distributed, and I don’t want to risk losing the wallet.

I’m happy to turn on any debugging/logs, if anyone has suggestions.

Otherwise, I’m extremely happy with Brave! :slight_smile:


Hi @hadar. Sorry for the delayed response. Do you still face this issue on the latest version of Brave?


No worries. No, a few versions later (probably 3), everything
started working again and has been great since.

My only issue now (not Brave’s fault!), is that I can’t contribute
any longer, because the Credit Card to Bitcoin button is currently
greyed out (I know it’s a Coinbase issue).

I was contributing every month until this one…

Thanks for checking up on this issue!


Thanks for the confirmation @hadar. Regarding payments you can have a look here

I will be closing up the issue here. Please do open up a new thread if you face any issue and we will make sure we respond much quicker to resolve the issue


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