[Solved] How to install Java to Brave Browser



I have install java to other browsers but cannot seem to be able to do this with Brave browser.


I thought the plugin could not be enabled with the browser. For now Brave accepts only a couple of plugins, which are Flash and Widevine. Because of the security concerns Java won’t be available if I remember correctly.


As the comment here it wont be available on Brave https://github.com/brave/browser-laptop/issues/3518#issuecomment-243108665


Also I created a ticket to make it clear that the plugin won’t be available.


Thank you very much for your insight.


Suguru - I am trying to troubleshoot flash issues and am a new user. Were is the security feature for me to make the changes? I went into preferences and i dont see security there. Where is it?


@tracysmartsweet1961 This should help

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