(Solved) How do I manually add a site I want to support?


Would like to be able to pick and choose which sites I want to support rather than use “auto-include” and have to exclude sites I don’t want to support (obviously a much larger category).

How do I register a site to be an "included site"?

On the right side of the URL bar you will find a hexagon with a heart in it, click on that and they’ll be included!

To remove an included site, go to the Payments preference pane and click on the Include toggle associated with that domain.

If you manually include a domain, it might be handy to send the admin an email to make sure they’re signed up to be a publisher (https://publishers.brave.com/) so they can actually receive the funds. :slight_smile:

PLEASE do not try to sign up a publisher on their behalf. It doesn’t work since you can’t verify ownership of the domain for them. :smiley:

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Hexagon + Heart