(Solved) How do i find the ledger-state.json file on my system?


Hey guys,
In order to get my bitcoins back from the Brave Browser, someone mentioned that I have to:

Please find the file ledger-state.json` in your browser area and find the line that starts with “address”: and tell me what the rest of the line says. i can them investigate things.

Now where do I find that? Is that the address where I sent my bitcoins to from bittrex? (Brave payments…add amount) or is it on the C disk. I couldn’t find the file there.



Hi @dhammabrother, which OS are you on?
If you are on Windows, you can see that file in %appdata%\brave (Click Start > Run > Paste %appdata%\brave).
If you are on Mac, it’s located ~/Library/Application\ Support/brave/ or on Linux under ~/.config/brave/.

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Thanks a lot. That is a lot of help


@dhammabrother, you’re welcome! :wink:

I’m going to close this thread since already answered. If you have another question, or face any issue, please open a new thread for them.

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