[SOLVED]Hijacked Address Bar



I have been running BRAVE for a while with no problems.

Couple of days ago I tried to go to a site I regularly visit (http://www.wnd.com/) and it took me to an alternate site (http://media.wnd.com/).

I have tried to type the wnd.com address into the URL box but Brave auto loads wnd.com/# and then goes to media.wnd.com/ no matter what I do.

I have Chrome and Edge and have been forced to use them to go to wnd.com which they do with no problem.

I have searched the Program Files (x86) for any code that would re-direct my browser (wnd.com; media.wnd.com; wnd.com/#) but can’t find anything.


I do not see any redirect for the page when visiting http://www.wnd.com. Could you try clearing browser history and cache once and check?


I never thought of that….

It worked; I’m back in business.

Thanks very much.

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