(solved) Fails to start (core dumped) after upgrade to 0.16 on linux (manjaro)



According to template
A. Brave fails to start. The window decoration is visible for a second or two and then it disapears
B. After running in terminal here is the output:
$ brave-bin
Crash reporting enabled
Failed to get crash dump id.
Report Id: OK
Illegal instruction (core dumped)

C. A listing of:
i. Manjaro Linux x64
ii. Brave Version 0.16.0-1
D. Startup, every time


There is an issue on github that states the same thing but for debian so I said that there was the same issue on manjaro linux :wink:

Let´s keep this thread open so you can say if it works after a fix has been made :smiley:


I have upgraded to 0.16.0-2 and brave browser works well again!
It took a while but we can call the fix a success! :slight_smile:
Thanks, take care!


Great to hear :smiley:

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