[SOLVED] Did Brave just rob me?


Hi Brave Publisher Community,

As a test, I set up the Uphold wallet, verified myself as a publisher and then deposited money of BAT into my Brave wallet. Just yesterday my Youtube channel was listed at the top of my “included sites” and I was all set to contribute about $50 to my own account. However, I checked this morning and my Youtube channel was not listed on the contribution list, there is no deposit from Brave into my Publishers wallet or my Uphold wallet, there is nothing showing up under “last contribution” and, I now have $50 less in my Brave wallet.

My questions are these, where did the money go? Why was my contributions list altered? And, how do I get the money that is now missing?


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Hi mvrph,
To answer your question: No Brave didn’t rob you. To check and see where your funds were distributed click on the clock icon in the upper right corner of your payment tab under preferences. It should be right next to the settings icon:

From there you should see if those contributions were made to your channel or not. As far as your contributions list being altered that may be due to a bug. However, it’s highly unlikely that your money is “missing”. It’s more than likely in escrow.


Also looping in @LaurenWags for help. :slight_smile:



Originally it was not showing that there were any previous transactions. Now the payment has been processed through Brave but the deposit to the Publisher account still has yet to be made. It’s possible that this is just a test of my patience through the deposit processing process.

Thank you for your contribution.



Thank you for the help!



Hi @mvrph

Contributions do not go directly from users to publishers. When a user makes a contribution it is placed into an escrow account. Then at settlement (which happens 1-2 times per month) the contributions are transferred from escrow account to the publishers. I believe you can login to the publishers site to see how much is waiting for you.



Hi Lauren,

Sorry for my delayed response. I have looked all over for a place to view how much is waiting for me but haven’t found any way to do so. Do you know how long it the payment is typically held in escrow?



Hi @mvrph

Are you looking on https://publishers.basicattentiontoken.org/ ? It should be available on your publisher dashboard. If it’s not there, let me know the site you are trying to view contributions to, I can ask a teammate to review. Also, funds are held in escrow until settlement, which is typically close to the end of the month.




Yes I am on the Publishers site. It’s still showing 0.00BAT under the “Current Contributions Balance”. Also, I have taken the necessary steps to verify my Youtube channel.




Do you know if verification is complete yet? What is your youtube channel?



The verification is complete. There is the green check mark next to my channel in the Brave Payments list. Here are some pictures of my last contribution and my Payments list.





Thanks for sharing all of this. If you don’t want to post your YouTube channel here, could you please private message me your channel name so I can ask a teammate to investigate?



Hi What is the purpose of sending contributions to your own verified website? Presumeably you funded the BAT in the first place? Isn’t that like sending money from one wallet to another and you own both wallets? Also why is a problem posting Youtibe URL’s here? The world and his wife already know what my youtube URL is… in fact the more people who know (and visit) the better :slight_smile:




With the latest update to the Publishers pages the issue has been resolved. Thanks to @LaurenWags for her help!


Awesome, I’m so glad to hear this @mvrph - thanks for reporting back!

Going to close this thread but please continue to reach out as you encounter other issues, have questions or suggestions.


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