Solved! Devices would not sync and could not leave sync chain

My Windows 10 computer and Android would not sync. I could not see the devices when I viewed Settings/sync. When I selected “Leave sync” on either device nothing would happen or the browser would crash. I am using v1.43.89 on my Windows to device and **v1.43.90 on my Android device.

Error: GenerateCryptoErrorsForTypes@components\sync\driver\, cryptographer error was encountered. Errors can be found at Brave://sync-internals.

I resolved the problem in Brave://sync-internals by selecting “Disable sync(delete data)” on both devices. After deleting the old sync data your devices should be free to start a new sync chain.

Sorry I accidentally deleted my first post with this solution

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Hey thanks for letting us know. It should certainly be helpful for people facing this issue!

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