SOLVED — Default Open "Playlist" with Shortcut?

Even though I have SIRI disabled, I can still use the Siri Hack mentioned in post bullet below. I now have working shortcut.

How do I create a shortcut to “open playlist” when I launch Brave? I don’t use Siri so I was hoping for a different option…

Maybe you know the URL of the “playlist” page? If so, I can just use that and I think it’ll solve my question.

Hey not sure if it does have a Brave URL. don’t see any when I open Playlist in Brave Nightly on android (yea, Playlist isn’t yet available on android, lucky iOS users).

I’ll tag @mattches to see if it could be made possible

Like a keyboard shortcut? We could create one if there’s enough interest

I guess they mean it as a shortcut on the home screen which can be added the same way we can add website shortcuts to be opened in brave.

There is a medium sized widget you can configure to take you directly to the playlist

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