[SOLVED] ColdTurkey Blocker doesn't work on Brave?


I cannot seem to make ColdTurkey Blocker work on my Brave browser. Is anybody using it? I have read that they don’t work well together, either blocking the whole browser altogether or not blocking it at all (that’s my problem, but the workaround suggested doesn’t work). Any suggestions?

Thank you!



Hello again, I contacted the founder of Cold Turkey and he gave me a simple workaround, and it works perfectly. I am sharing it here in case someone has the same doubt I had:

There is a known bug where if you don’t have Chrome installed, the app won’t install a few files it needs for the extension to work. To fix this, rename Brave Browser.app in your Applications folder to Google Chrome.app then restart your mac. The appropriate files will be written on startup. After the restart, you can rename Google Chrome.app back to Brave Browser.app.

I hope that helps!

Cold Turkey Software

There you go, fixed!


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