(SOLVED) [Bug Report] Bookmark Folder Top Item Bug



The top item in bookmark folders seem to not work correctly. The only way I am able to click on the first item is if I hover over the bottom pixel of the first item. If I hover over the bottom pixel of the first item it is then click able but if I hover over anywhere else on he first item in the folder such as the middle of the item and click it acts like I clicked the top bar of the browser to move it around my screen.


Hi @icy,

Thanks for reporting! :slight_smile:
It’s a known bug for Windows and logged here. You can track the progress there. And I added your comment to github issue, too.

At the moment, all I can recommend is make sure you have a tab under the folder you want to open or select the entry from the bottom edge of it.

Hope this can help for now, until the fix is there.

Thank you,

Bookmark Manager is Unusable
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