(SOLVED) Brave Playlist on IOS 17.1! Not Working 2023

I fully reinstalled Brave, made my playlists empty and restarted. And it’s working perfect now! Thanks a lot!!

Well thank you all for your help. The fix is out. see Solution!

(update manually from the app/google store)

Thanks, this worked for me

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Update: reinstalled the app and both issues are solved.

I am sorry to say but it isn’t solved for me. Every video I try to download doesn’t start downloading and when I try to play a video from the playlist it just says “Sorry There was a problem loading the resource!”

I have deleted all the private data from the app.

On a side note. There is a video I downloaded a couple of months ago that I am unable to delete. I tried moving it to another playlist. Even after removing all private data.

Brave version 1.61.1
Iphone XS

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