(Solved) Brave installs, then disappears - almost without a trace


Win7 Pro x64
Brave will install once - after dealing with flash and settings, it simply disappears. Gone. Not a listed program, no sign of it in either Program Files or Program Files (X86), no entry for it on the Start Menu. It will not install a second time - generates an error log.
UNINSTALL PROGRAMS lists Brave, but cannot uninstall or repair it (because it doesn’t exist.)

This is the second time I have tried to install it, and the second time (attempts a month or so apart) it has simply vanished. i cannot provide the installation log - your forum will not accept it all and fails with an overage error.


Hi @dragon40,

I’m sorry this happen to you. For the folder, at the moment Brave is listed in %appdata% in local and roaming folders.

I think I have similiar problem, yesterday. Would you mind to remove Brave from Uninstall program list, then restart your computer and try to install Brave again?

cc: @alex for additional help.


@dragon40 please email the log to alex@brave.com

In the meantime, please check %appdata% and tell me if there are any folders named ‘brave’ in either your Local or Roaming profiles.

Also, are you using any kind of antivirus or remote management software (like in an office environment).



How does one remove Brave from Uninstall program list when it won’t uninstall?


Alex, it installed without errors this morning, and seems to be stable. For now, all is well. I will return if the problem re-surfaces.


@dragon40 just in case you do get stuck after install, How to solve *almost* every problem after install (fair warning it will delete all your data)

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