(Solved) Brave chat program with rooms


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Ok Firefox uses chatzilla if possible it would be very cool to have it also apart of brave browser. This way if any of us are on Firefox we can communicate via chat…

Even to explain better the ideas we have here in the community

Allow it to be a stand alone chat program if not chatzilla. This way we DO NOT GET FORCED TO KEEP BRAVE BROWSER ON TOP TO KEEP CHATTING

I love stand alone programs with add-ons for browsers in a case like this…



Hi @myale,

Now you can chat with the Brave team and the community via Discord. They announced it yesterday.

Here’s the invite link to the Brave Community in Discord:

Also, it’s have desktop and mobile app too.

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There a download link section 4 it … I am on my android phone and will want to have it on my laptop


found the chat program… look for me as myale1987


Will close this thread for now. If you have another question or run to any issue, please open a new one,

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