(solved)Bitdefender antivirus issue and can't reinstall brave



Hi all,
as the topic subject said I’ve got an issue with my Bitdefender antivirus that recognized Brave as a malware and quarantined it. I tried to restore the quarantined file but failed. I was using Brave browser since a week and all was going perfect until this happened. I tried to delete and reinstall brave but when I launch the installer an error message says that the installation failed.
Hope you can help me,
thanks in advance.



have you tried adding the location of where you have the brave file on your pc and add it to the bitdefender exception list?

if that doesn’t work try uninstalling bitdefender (maybe install a different AV program

take care


All is fine now after a pair of reboot. Don’t know how and don’t know why but today it let me install the browser and all is fine.
Thanks for all!



glad that worked for you


Hi @JackLeFou,

Thank you for confirming. Will close this thread for now. If you run to any issue, please open a new one.


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