SOLVED: Amazon MP3 Music purchases no longer work in Brave for Android

For some reason, MP3 music purchases are no longer accessible via Brave Browser. You can search and find an mp3 track. But the moment you select it, the page errors saying, “Sorry. We can’t find that page.” Even if you find the Google search result to take you to that track for purchase, it will eventually error and fail to download and process your purchase.

I have tried modifying security settings for the site. I have even gone Shields Down. Nothing works.

This is a NEW issue. It worked fine the last time I purchased an mp3 track a month or so ago.

It works perfectly well in Google Chrome. However, I prefer using Brave for as much as possible. Until now, all my mp3 music purchases from have been through Brave.

Application version Brave 1.39.123, Chromium 102.0.5005.125

Operating system Android 12; Build/SP1A.210812.016


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Brave Browser version numbers?

Computing device Operating System?

Application version Brave 1.39.123, Chromium 102.0.5005.125

Operating system Android 12; Build/SP1A.210812.016

Sorry. Forgot to mention that in my post. I corrected it.

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Extensions tests

  • Disable
  • Remove
  • One-at-a-time
  • Combinations

Private Browsing
New Private Window
Desktop Site

None of those are engaged when I access the site. Or are you suggesting using Flags to disable those features of the app. Mind you, this is strictly on Android on my Samsung S10+.

And no extensions are installed. In fact, I didn’t know extensions COULD be installed on Brave for Android.


Mention Extensions status in your Original Post (‘OP’), as well.

Any screenshots that might help - please provide.


@fanboynz - ad block / web compatibility

No real screenshots needed.

The link for the page mentions Credential errors and Authentication errors, though. The same web page shows every time. Picture of a dog with the aforementioned message above it.

I’ll screenshot it for you, though.

Would you like me to paste the link here?""%2C+error%3D"CredentialError"%2C+error_description%3D"The+input+credential+is+invalid.")&useHorizonte=true


Are you Signed In at before your searching there, for music of interest?

Yep. I could try logging out and back in, I suppose.

I’ll do that.

Well, … that actually worked. Why I didn’t think to try that when I was initially troubleshooting this, I don’t know. Probably cuz it was working just fine, then wasn’t. Maybe it was a Brave app update that did it. I’ll bear that in mind.

Thanks a heap for the idea. Much obliged. :wink:


OK, sounds like had trouble accepting your Log In ‘credentials’ (username and password, plus more - keep reading) . . . when and where your download-and-purchase attempt occured.

As if a failed handoff.

Might be something of an internal glitch at - OR, how their website determines recognition of your computing device.

As in, their website found some difference, between:

  • device recognition status when you first Signed In
  • device recognition status when you tried download-and-purchase

The error reporting (thanks) that an invalid credential was refused, has within its scope, other info mining done by many websites now.

Website wants MANY FACTORS:

  • username
  • password
  • security question answers
  • device recognition (complex, including ‘fingerprinting’)
  • stable network location
  • your computing behavior

A subtle change somewhere in that stack, detected by the website, can make a website step back.

The subtle change can be either:

  • your part of the connection
  • website (usually info mining) part of the connection

or both.

Thanks again for that link. Your effort to provide specific details, helped.


You might create a new reply-post, stating how you solved your issue.

Next, mark your new post as The Solution.

And edit your topic title, to indicate, Solved.

For the benefit of others.


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Turns out there was a credential/authorization issue stemming from having been logged in for an extended period of time. Whether it was due to an update to the browser or something else, remains undetermined.

However, logging out and back in resolves the problem.



Thanks for your time and help. Your asking if I was signed in gave me the idea to log out and back in, which fixed the problem.

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