Solutions for "not yet verified" bug

Have you completed all the steps necessary on the publishers dashboard to verify your site, but your site is still coming up as “not yet verified” in the Rewards panel? And has it been over 48 hours since you attempted verification?

If so, there is a known glitch with the Rewards panel–sometimes it fails to download the list of verified publishers. You can force the browser to re-download the list by deleting the “publishers_list” file in your Brave user files directory.

Locate the “publishers_list” file in your Brave user files directory. I’ve added the path to each file, based on OS:

OSX: /Users/[You]/Library/Application Support/BraveSoftware/Brave-Browser-Development/Default

Windows: AppData/Local/ OR AppData/Roaming/ (look for a Brave folder; the file should be in there)

Linux: /.config/BraveSoftware/Brave-Browser-Development/Default

The publishers_list file will be in one of these folders. Close all instances of Brave, delete the publishers_list file, and reopen the browser. Your site should come up as verified. MAKE SURE YOU HAVE NO ACTIVE INSTANCES OF BRAVE. Check in your task manager/activity monitor to make sure nothing is running when you delete the list file.

If you’re still having problems feel free to drop a line here in this thread.


I’ve got that problem since december,
Linked my uphold account in january
Still got the problem in february, so today I tried to uninstall/reinstall Brave but I’m still saw as unverified
Then I saw you thread, tried the method, but I am still seen as unverified and with tips blocked
I don’t know what to do

Can you link your YouTube channel to us? Thanks! Also, see this thread where I go through virtually every solution with a user:

See if any of them work for you.

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Hello christcat,
thanks for the fast reply!
Here is my youtube channel :
I followed your instructions on the thread you linked, but I see my channel as unverified (from the channel itself or from a video of the channel)
I’m at the step where I should check my ID in the publishers_list file


I tried to do the same steps but I got an error message as seen below:

It has been more than 48 hours and I still don’t see the verification sign.

Please help.

Kind regards,

Hello, I just checked on your channel, and it looks like your channel ID is UC4_6G3QZMVqxR-wMrFa5ogg. (I could be wrong, but it doesn’t look like UC4_6G3QZMVqxR-wMrFa5ogg appears in the list, as I find 0/0 string matches.) However, I do not see it on the server-side list, which means that the database has not picked up your verification.

Can you check (or send a screenshot) of the channel listed as verified in your publisher dashboard?

If so, I will contact the backend publishers team to figure out why your channel wasn’t added to the database.

Hello @sharifk388, that does not look like the right folder or directory. Under local\ you should find BraveSoftware. In your screenshot, you go to \Microsoft.


Just deleted publisher_list. Still cannot see the verification sign.


Thanks for the response @chriscat ,

Here is a screen of my publisher dashboard

still sashowing " Not yet verified "

Hey, still can’t get my Twitch channel verified after following these steps, “slideWineder”

Still have same problem, “Not yet verified”

Hello I too have the “not yet verified bug” even if both the Youtube channel and the Website seems to be verified.
We already tried to switch the file as suggested.
The website we are approving is
Please let me know!

Still have same problem, “Not yet verified”

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Still have same problem, “Not yet verified”

Same problem here. Youtube Test Channel is showing up in Brave Rewards. I send a tip to my channel to test it but channel is still not verified. There is no publisher list nor a brave browser folder in app data. I think I will remove this browser. It does not work and it seems that you need to be a programmer to set things up correctly. This is NOT the next step to mass adoption - this is the opposite!

Apologies for the trouble. We are working on pushing a real fix for this as soon as possible. Some people have reported success in running Brave with Administrator privileges.

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I have the same issue. I have two sites. Both verified but only one showing as verified in the Brave browser. The other one ( ) doesn’t and my users have complained already. I deleted the publishers_list file as suggested here. Now suddenly both my sites show as not verified. Possibly because my Brave client doesn’t seem to have fetched the publishers_list file again. Is there any way I can trigger that? Anything else I can do? Or wait for your fix?

You can try running Brave as Administrator after deleting the publishers_list – some people have reported success on that. A fix is on the way!