Solutions for "not yet verified" bug

Doesn’t work. I’m now back to the state where one of the two sites appear as verified. Can you confirm that is actually verified? Or are there any other conditions under which a verified site would be displayed as unverified?

Yup, comes up as verified for me :slight_smile:

I don’t even have a “publishers_list” file anywhere in AppData to delete. What’s up with that? I’ve tried running the browser as an administrator and it still hasn’t shown up.

Here’s what the path should look like (on Windows at least)

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Thanks! Didn’t realize I searched for publisher_list instead of publishers_list. So now that I’ve deleted the file (after making sure Brave wasn’t running), it’s not re-downloading it after reopening the browser. What should I do next?

Edit: I’ve already tried running it as admin.

Edit2: After closing and reopening the browser many times (as admin), the publishers_list file finally showed up. I’ve opened the file and confirmed that my Youtube channel ID is listed in it, so I know I’ve got the updated list. Yet, Brave still shows that my channel is not yet verified. How can it be listed in the file and still not shown as verified??

Edit3: Finally got it to show as verified by viewing a video on the channel. Jeez, this was a complicated process. Hope you guys get a fix out soon!

I was able to resolve this by deleting the publishers_list and clearing my cookies on the website in question :slight_smile:

I still have that bug on all my devices. I CAN’T verify my youtube chanel. After 2 weeks of adding and removing I stlill get the message youtube chanell is not verified yet.

Having the same problem and deleting publishers_list didn’t update me locally, but I’m probably an edge case

Zorin OS (based on Ubuntu 16.04) running both the Brave dev and brave. Followed instructions for both installs simultaneously and files have not yet been replaced. searches now only show the files in trash, and verification status seems unchanged.

It seems like this is a local issue, and I’m curious if is showing as verified for others

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@vapeperfect_com it shows as verified o my Brave.


@Ribonator basically, once you finish adding your channel and you can see it listed under your oublisher account, then it’s verified.

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Try this:

  1. Clear your browser cache

  2. Quit all running instances of Brave (incl. background processes)

  3. Delete the publishers_list file, if it’s there

  4. Restart the browser and check your verification status in the Rewards panel

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Good enough for me, I appreciate you looking at it

I’m sure my system will catch up eventually

nice site man! :wink:

Hello! I don’t have a Brave folder in Windows. What should I do? I passed verification in Uphold and more than 48 hours passed. But I’m not confirmed in the browser. My channel

I did all of things what has been said here to fix it but I still cannot see my account verified. I verified my account a week ago. My friends can see it verified but I cannot see it verified on my desktop or on my android app.

My youtube link:

I know it can be verified but what should I do to see it verifiedon my android app?

Hello! Same here i did all of the fixes in this topic but i became “not yet verifyed”. My Uphold Account is verifyed. My Youtube Link>

I hope the Mods can do it fast as possible.

Sorry for my english i’m from germany.

Hi everyone,

A real fix is on the way soon.

Running Brave as an Administrator may also sometimes fix this issue.

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I am having trouble finding the exact path to the file to be deleted on windows 10.
I have found brave folders within x86 folders but the only folder within brave browser is “application” no “user data”

sorry I’m dum… I tried typing the path directly, no good

@bmcentarffer like mentioned in original post, its under AppData/Local. AppData is a hidden folder.

You can:

  • open Run (Windows key + R) then type %appdata%
  • It’ll open AppData/Roaming. Hit backspace on keyboard to go up one folder to AppData
  • There you’ll find AppData/Local folder and find BraveSoftware folder there
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Can’t believe its still not showing as verified. Been verified on the dashboard since the 29th

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FYI, we’re pushing a real fix for this very soon!

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