Solution to the Brave browser crushing

Just to let you all know, I installed the beta version and so far is working good. I just need to somehow transfer the earned bat from the previous version and see how it goes. So far at least no ads and uninterrupted YouTube

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I would recommend verifying you wallet w/Uphold via the browser. When you do this, you can link your Beta browser instance to your Uphold account and carry your balance (and transfer earnings) along with it.

I linked the Uphold wallet, but it did not transferred the bat’s on the beta version and so far I have not received any new ads notifictions.

Ensure that Beta has all the proper permissions that the original Brave installation had set for it (for seeing Ads).

Are you saying that you have BAT showing in your browser wallet (in the Rewards panel/Rewards settings) that isn’t reflecting in Uphold?

After all the settings (to be able to watch ads etc.) there is still no ads showing on the beta version

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