Solution for Uphold Account Sync

:bangbang: So many of you have been having an issue syncing to your Uphold accounts on mobile. I just figured out the problem. I just verified my Uphold account using Brave Rewards feature on Android mobile app!:bangbang:

You have to drop your shields temporarily to complete the verification, because Uphold is technically a third-party source and the Brave Shield blocks the authorization cookie so Uphold cannot confirm your authentication once you submit the request

So before you sign in, tap the Brave logo and toggle Shields to off, then tap the Brave Rewards icon and attempt Uphold connection again! Finally it will work! :tada::tada::tada:

Open Shields

Toggle Shields Off

Open Rewards, Sign into Uphold, Confirm Username/Password of Uphold Account

Account Syncs

Rewards Get Added


Hey @killshot13

Can you enable shields, but selectively disable the other shield options? Just to see which specific option is causing it.

I tried reproducing the issue about 5 times after you asked this question. Tried validating and connected Brave Rewards with Uphold already authenticated in another browser tab and also when fully signed out, basically the opposite.

From what I can gather, and I did not get consistent repros to start with, so this is by no means conclusive… But from what I’m seeing, the bug lies somewhere in the callback that Uphold makes after the user inputs their 2FA code at this domain and attempts to submit the code for authentication.

There is neither error nor confirmation. Everything appears fine, but as soon as you tap the Brave Rewards logo, you notice the wallet was not connected.

I have tried initiating the Uphold login both using the link directly in the Brave Rewards drop down and also by entering the URL or using search term results.

I could not be certain of a connection, but odds seemed to favor the drop down approach, although the failure to authenticate occurred once using this method also.

Just let me know if you need anything more detailed, or if this even helped at all. :sweat_smile:


@fanboynz so I just tried something on a hunch and it turns out I’m almost certain I am correct. The observation about Brave Shields I originally made is essentially accurate, but that is the symptom, not the cause, of the issue.

After I removed the permissions granted in the screenshot for Uphold, I immediately began noticing I was consistently failing to link with Brave Rewards.

Then I added back the permission, being sure to specify authorization for third-party cookies, and just like that it all worked again.

I think I got lucky to even find this, because my phone and computer are in a Sync chain. Maybe a week ago I signed into Uphold on the laptop and I’m guessing when it synced.

Because I had given that permission on the computer and it added it to my phone, I was able to finally authenticate by dropping Shields, which as I mentioned, was a lingering symptom.

I am fairly sure that if you do some digging and start asking some pointed questions, you will find that third-party cookies are unfortunately required in this case for Uphold to confirm the user’s identity and approve the connection to the wallet.

Despite the concerns for those who are keen on user privacy, there may be no other way for the confirmation to occur.

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Under a clean profile, maybe try in Brave Beta. Can it be replicated there?

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I will see, but like I mentioned in the follow-up comment, I did see that consistency return when switching between specifically telling the browser in the allow list.

“Allow cookies && allow third-party cookies for this domain [*.]

Once that directive is removed, everything becomes unhinged again.


Folks, THIS is how you troubleshoot! Not whining and complaining and spamming
“FIX MY BAT” all over the forums.

Well done, @killshot13 !!


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