(Soltuion) Experiencing flickering with Nvidia GPUs?

Experiencing Black flickering when Hardware acceleration is turned on?

Go into Nvidia Control Panel > 3D Settings > Program Settings > in “select a program to customize” select Brave > Scroll down to Vertical sync

Experiment with Turning V-sync on and off. In my personal experience, enabling fast sync was creating the black flickering. Disabling v-sync solved the issue of flickering but introduced screen tearing in videos, so just turning v-sync on got rid of the flickering, and the screen tearing. Creating a custom profile means these settings won’t interfere with other programs you may be using. Clean installing Nvidia Drivers, only solved the problem temporarily.

dumb question, have you tried turning vertical sync on?

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Using the Global default settings “use the 3d application setting”

I tried that too. Didn’t seem to do anything. Seems like Brave just runs with the framerate completely unlocked. I just set Vertical Sync to “on” and it works. I think it’s set to my monitors maximum refresh rate.

I had the same issue with flickering in any video on any website when hardware acceleration was enabled in Brave browser. Somebody recommended to revert all setting to the default ones in Nvidia control panel, that worked, flickering was gone but I wanted to find out which setting explicitly was the culprit. In my case it was the MFAA (Multi-framed Sampled AA) setting, when set to ON = flickering / OFF = no flickering.
I hope this helps somebody.

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Yo I saw the same post and just did the EXACT SAME thing you did w/ identical results. MFAA IS WHATS CAUSING THE ISSUE. Do this first everyone!!!

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