SOLEND - Crash when supplying Solana

Description of the issue:

When using the NEW Brave Wallet, the confirmation is crashing everytime I want to supply Solana on the Dapps

How can this issue be reproduced?

Go on
Supply some Solana with your Brave wallet (at least 2 SOL)
Go on the pop-up to validate the transaction
The transaction fails
Here are the two messages we can see:

strong text

Here’s the technical message:
-32002: Transaction simulation failed: Blockhash not found

Brave Version (check About Brave):

Version 1.41.100 Chromium: 103.0.5060.134 (Official Build) (64-bit)

Additional Information:

Thanks @Max75 We are investigating this issue now. We will update this ticket when we know more. thanks, Hubert

Hey @Max75,

This issue has been addressed here:
Please updated your Browser to the latest and let us know if you are still having this issue! :slight_smile: :pray:

Hello Douglas,
The issue you’re referring to is different and has already been solved a few weeks ago.
In the current case, the amount is not multiplied by ten but an error happens when I want to confirm the transaction. I just tried and it crashed again.
I’m using the latest version of the browser Brave: 1.42.88 Chromium: 104.0.5112.81

Hello Hubert,
Do you have any news about this issue?
Thanks, Max

Could you provide a crash ID from brave://crashes/ ?

Hello Brian,
I just tried to withdraw on Solend. Same problem than when trying to deposit (see attached picture in my first post).
I checked the Brave crash logs just after that: it’s empty

Furthermore, whe comparing the amount to withdraw on Solend and the amount at the transaction validation, figures don’t match

Thanks for yout help,

Hi @Max75,

Would you mind try again for Supply on
We have been in contact with team recently, and reported to them that they might be missing an update in a library they used. Things on their end seems to be updated now and one of our employee confirmed he can now Supply/Withdraw normally on
Please try again and let us know, thank you.

Hi Jocelyn,
I just tried and the problem remains. There is an error and the amount to validate (both supply and withdraw) doesn’t match the amount I entered.

Hi @Max75,

I just tried both supply and withdraw on our latest release (1.44.101) and both worked fine on my end, so not sure yet what’s the difference here. Are you still seeing the same error with the same error message?

There are a series of instructions included in the transactions for supply or withdraw, and one of the instructions is transferring SOL from your account to an address for a certain amount, I don’t think it would match the exactly amount you input there, what we displayed is the amount of those transfer instructions the dApp generated for you to sign, it depends on the dApp to give the amount, could be fees added there.

Below was what I saw when I tried to do supply on
EDIT: You could check if you can see that preflight commitment section in the prompted panel (might need to scroll down), to make sure you’re using their latest website that has the fix.

Hi jocelyn.
I’ve upgraded Brave to 1.44.108 and it’s now working as expected!

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