Sold my computer. Can I set my pending BAT to tip/contribute?

I just sold my PC, and I’m getting it ready to deliver to the buyer. My next payment date is May 5, and I have about 15 BAT pending. Is there a way I can ensure they get auto-contributed at some point in the future, or will they just vanish into the ether? For instance, can I save my Brave settings somehow, and transfer them to another PC?

You can always donate your BAT directly by tipping it to them before you send your PC away :slight_smile:

Oh, so pending BAT is available for tipping? Interesting.

No. What Matt mean is, after the payout – around 5th next month – when it’s no longer pending, you can tip it.

Pending BAT can’t be used for tipping or AC, because it’s still pending – not on your Rewards wallet, yet.

OK, thanks. So we’re back to my original question…by the time the BAT is no longer pending, the physical computer will be out of my possession. So will I be able to receive and redistribute the BAT that is currently pending? In the past, I believe I’ve had to “accept” it on the physical computer on the payout date. Is there another way to do it? (The wallet is connected to Uphold, in case that helps.)

If the wallet is connected to your Uphold account, then it should be automatically deposited to your Uphold wallet – Brave Browser card.

But I’m not sure if the browser’s uninstalled.

OK, thanks @eljuno . Maybe @Mattches can clarify that point? Sorry if my initial question was not clear!

I thought you were referring to BAT pending to be sent to creators – not BAT that you were set to recieve. In this case, @eljuno is correct – if your wallet is connected/verified w/Uphold, I believe that once you re-install the browser and re-verify the wallet, any/all funds will be deposited into your Uphold account.

OK, thanks! I alredy have another PC connected to the Uphold account, so maybe I don’t need to do anything at all. Fingers crossed, and if it disappears…well, it’s not a huge amount, so I’m not too worried. Thanks for your help!

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If it does seem to “disappear” please let us know and we’ll be happy to look into it for you.

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