Solana wallet does not receive the deposit

Yesterday I made a deposit of solana to my wallet, the fact is that I have not received any of it, please if someone from support can help me.

I have spoken but they do not respond

first reply is obviously phishing.

It’s a scam account. Big thing is hopefully you provided no information to them. If you provided seed phrase or anything then they’ll have taken all you have by now.

There’s a pinned warning about posts like that at the top of the Wallet category, which people should be seeing if they look first and don’t just simply post without looking. NOTICE: Brave will NEVER ask for your private Wallet data/keys

But then there’s at least the warning in the template when you go to create a topic that advises about how never will ask for phrases and all.

Brave never has had and never will have live support. In addition, they don’t work on weekends or American holidays in general. So just going to have to be patient a few days

these phishing posts almost always follow the same pattern it should be fairly simple to filter out without ever being seen.

the system checks for minimum characters but not copy / pasted phishing scripts.