Solana exploit, compromised wallets

It turns out Solana made the news again, not because of another downtime, but because a bunch of their software wallets were hit with an exploit/bad library implementation that basically compromised any Solana address created in the last several month with these wallets and allowed malicious actors to drain funds from wallets.

As I couldn’t find any info on it on Brave side, should I assume they do not use that library and are not concerned by that exploit? Could anyone like @brian give a response?

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Do you have any news

Looks like it was an issue solely affecting Slope wallet. Case closed.


Brave Software (@brave) _ Twitter - Brave 8_4_2022 11_17_46 PM

So it looks like no concerns related to Brave Wallet. It just was people who used Slope or whatever.

You’d have known it if you had taken 15 seconds to read the previous message.

I did read that. However that didn’t answer the question being asked of me, which is for updates from Brave. We’re talking an official response in regards to whether any Brave Wallet accounts were affected and if anything special needed to be done.

Also pretty big difference in someone saying something without providing sources and someone who says something and offers sources as evidence.

As I mentioned in my message that you obviously did not read, I wrote Brave was not impacted, there was nothing more needed to say.

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