SOL - Transactions always fail since update

Description of the issue:

Hello Brave team,

I’m testing the Brave wallet after the new important update (Brave version: v1.48.158)
Screens look way more pleasant and professional like this, good job!

I have an issue with SOL actions though.
If I’m trying to do an action (SWAP, SEND, etc.), I will always have the following error message:

Transaction failed

Transaction was failed due to a large price movement. Increase slippage tolerance to succeed at a larger price movement.

-32002: Transaction simulation failed: Transaction results in an account (0) without insufficient funds for rent

Could you please have a look? Thanks for the help.

How can this issue be reproduced?
From home screen, click on ‘Send’. Select the SOL token. Select an amount, a recipient address and click on ‘Review order’. Confirm the transaction in the pop-up.
The action fails.

Brave Version (check About Brave):

Additional Information:

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What token are you attempting to send/swap?

Have you attempted to increase slippage?

Thanks for the info!

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Solana (SOL) → USDT. Trying SWAP with 2-3% slippage, trying SEND. Fail after fail… Same message every time

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I attempted the same behavior successfully and was unable to replicate this error on my end.

Have you tried clearing wallet transactions and nonce information?



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Do you have enough SOL to pay the gas fees?

Just an example, if you want to swap 100 SOL and you choose 3% slippage, then you need at least 103 SOL available.
Another possible reason is the volatility. If the price changes too fast your slippage may not be enough.


Looks like you were right about the volatility. I’ve again set the slippage to 3% and after several failed attempts, it went through.


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