Soapbox from Wistia - Can't log in


Extension version: 10.3.0
OS: macOS 10.14 (18A391)
Brave: 0.55.11

The Soapbox extension from Wistia lets you record quick videos + screencasts. It requires you to authenticate with either a Google or Microsoft account, and in the normal flow on Chrome clicking the extension icon presents a sign-in popup, and clicking an account takes you through the onboarding flow.

In Brave, clicking the login buttons takes you through the flow, but then after completing the flow and clicking the extension icon again you’d expect to have already logged in and then start recording a video. However in Brave it just shows the login buttons again.

My best guess is there is some issue sharing cookies between the main browser (where you complete the login/onboarding flow) and the extension’s popup window.


Hi @jlyman,

Can you try with Allow all cookies via Settings > Default Shield Setting?

Saw similar report about extension and that temporary workaround can make it work. At least until the team fix it.

Thanks for reporting


Thanks @eljuno, that workaround does indeed allow it to start functioning.

Given that it’s a global setting I think I’ll roll with Chrome just when I need to use that extension, but keep Brave for everything else. I can live with that for now. :slight_smile: Thank you!


Thanks for confirming @jlyman,

Here’s the logged issue for reference and I added your +1 to the issue.


Perfect @eljuno, thanks!

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