So my attention is worth 5X less now?

I don’t get this.

How is it that within a span of a month, the rewards per ad went from 0.05 BAT to 0.01 BAT?

I get the concept that maybe BAT’s value is increasing as well, but really? The whole point of Brave browser with the fancy video on the homepage is to reward a user for their attention. You think if my attention keeps on boiling down exponentially it’s going to matter anymore?

And if these decisions are made, why not with open governance and community support? Or at the very least an email or a notification with justification for doing so?


i think you should create article in some blog or website better then brave community right now … beacuse of price increse or i dont know what hapen they not replaying any concerns right now i sent 3 messages in a row in this month they not replaid about my bat payment it is not recived in my uphold account but its showing paid in brave internals :confused: so frastaing brave right now … i hope they will come stable mind again and replay all concerns asap

Take in count the high fees on ethereum network right now, to send BAT from uphold to external wallets you need to pay 10BAT. Also covid-19 is not helping due to sponsors/publishers are not in a good position for spending on big campaings.

But well, your right they should talk to us or simply communicate the actual situation, that way we can be more patient and undestanding with brave.

Now They(brave) become GREEDY they want 90% share instead 30% from ad revenue so rewards per ad notification is decreased to 0.01 bat Frome 0.05 bat per ad notification. This is insane 70% decrease. Now this is time we all have to quite from GREEDY brave……

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