So much CPU and RAM usage!

I used Brave for some years since it was the lightest browser to use in my PC. However in december of 2022 i switched to opera GX due to CPU and RAM usage problem.
Since december Brave use too much resources for too little. for example, right now, with only the tab for this post open, it’s using 55% of my CPU and 2.6 GB of my RAM, while on opera GX i have my e-mail and other 18 tabs open and it’s using only 1% of my CPU and 1.4 GB of my RAM.
If i have the option, i prefer to use Brave browser, but in this state it’s impossible for me. I’m currently using Brave 1.49.120

Yea noticed exactly the same thing. Can’t even have 2 youtube videos running on Brave at the same time, they instantly start lagging buffering and losing quality. While on Opera everything is smooth and 0 lags

Screen Shot 2024-04-21 at 1.00.00 AM

Whenever I try to watch…

  • live streams of tennis matches on YouTube
  • use WatchParty with a friend (movies & tv together)
  • T2 (on Amazon, Plex, etc.)
  • live stream of the Netflix Slam
  • PlutoTv on desktop browser

I see the Brave CPU jump into the high 30s. When it gets even higher, the image can lag and the fan turns on which is annoying, distracting, & loud.

  1. I don’t use extensions. They only cause more problems in the long run.
  2. Shields are always enabled.
  3. Graphics Acceleration, Memory Saver, & Energy Saver are always enabled.
  4. I’ve seen conflicting advice: turn off hardware acceleration. No, turn on Hardware acceleration. So, I disregard & just keep whatever was there.

How do we fix this given the plethora of now closed threads on this subject dating back to 2020?

Tried Turning off Memory Saver and Restarting Brave?

I restart Brave (and my computer) regularly including when I was last using WatchParty. Makes no difference. Been using Memory & Energy Saver features for a long time never had a negative impact on CPU. I really started to notice high CPU / audible fan usage when I went to watch the Netflix Slam via live stream months ago. The fan went crazy. It has continued whenever doing the aforementioned list of things. If I’m just watching a normal stream link, there’s no discernible issue. I try to keep tabs to an absolute minimum when watching something so as to avoid overload.