So LastPass Support just told me "Brave is not supported"


Hiya everyone!

So long story short… LastPass Broke the other night.
(Environment: MacOS running High Sierra 10.13.5;Brave v. 0.22.727):nerd_face:
I won’t get into the details of how, I’ll likely write up a bug report anyway, but I kind of freaked because I had no way of getting to the password reset option, as I had just did a fresh OS install on one machine, and my second crashed, with my bootable back up reverting it to OSX 10.7. Yeah. I was freaking out about everything.
Anyway, I wrote LastPass in desperation, as I was still logged in via my mobile device and thought that some corporate witchery would help restore things.
I was wrong.
But that’s besides the point. What’s the point?
LastPass Support actually replied, and this is what they said about Brave;

Currently, Brave browser is not supported. However, since it is based on Chrome, the LastPass extension for Chrome may or may not be functional if installed on it. Please see here for a list of supported browsers.

So, uh… Then, How did Lastpass become integrated into Brave? Are there API bandits running about? Is LastPass just denying it has anything to do with Brave, Like it was a bad date or something? :joy:

Thanks for reading! :relaxed:


Firstly, thanks for the solid report! Having info like the OS & Brave version is super helpful for diagnosis. :smiley:

LastPass should work just fine on Brave. (I’m fairly certain it’s still part of the regression test plan but QA could confirm)

The Chrome extension they mentioned is the same one we use. There’s a more technical explanation about how chrome extensions are ported to work with muon (our chromium base), but tldr it shouldn’t break just because of an update like that.

@LaurenWags and I should be able to give it a closer examination tomorrow.

Thanks for your patience!


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